Eno Protocol


Currently on Devnet. Mainnet version release TBD

Interface Powered by the Protocol

Eno.xyz is an interface (hopefully, one of many in the future) for creating and interacting with Eno-protocol-enabled content. Currently only textual content is supported, but we envision Eno supporting all file formats in the future (e.g. audio, video). ‌
Content preview on eno.xyz
The protocol is powered on the frontend by interface providers and on the backend by Operators – independent parties that are free to embed their own incentives into their business structure. This means Eno is currently completely open-source and does not have any embedded incentive structures within it like a token allocated to e.g. a dev team or node operators. We think the network economy should be powered by native currencies of any underlying protocol it runs on (initially just $SOL, but could expand to $ETH, $BTC, $DOT and beyond). ‌
The community is invited to decide on the best path forward to sustainably grow and maintain Eno.