Eno Protocol


Əno is currently Live on Devnet. Mainnet version release TBD

Eno Protocol

Eno proposes a protocol for storing the content associated with the NFT, which enables the current owner of the NFT to control its distribution and consumption/use. NFT is used to define the current owner while the protocol gives the owner IP and monetization functionality for the content associated with it, making those functionalities inextricably tied to the asset itself, which is the first step in turning any digital content into digital bearer asset via NFTs [which is the end goal of Eno]. ‌
Once the NFT is sold, the IP and the monetization rights are transferred to the new owner. The content itself is stored on the Eno network, it can be text, video, music or an image (or any other format). Every consumption or other forms of interaction with the asset, including production of derivatives is programmable and trackable on-chain.
There is a distinction between content transactions and contract authority transactions. Content transactions are distributed and encrypted so that they can be revealed only when needed
The philosophy behind our protocol is that one can construct an interconnected, safe, decentralized system without complexitying. Our special cryptography algorithms will deal with exactly that.

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