Eno Protocol


Əno is currently Live on Devnet. Mainnet version release TBD
Major centralized platforms hold near total control over censorship, distribution, monetization, and protection of content, making creators vulnerable and fully dependent on these platforms.
We believe creators should fully own and control the content they create - from art to entertainment or any other intellectual/creative product that can be represented as a non-fungible digital asset.
NFTs, with the help of cryptography, introduced uniqueness and scarcity to the digital world and changed how we value digital items. That’s why the NFT framework can serve as a strong foundation for defining rules around consumption of such scarce assets.
We believe creators should set their own rules for how their content is monetized, distributed, and consumed. We strive to disintermediate these processes, which will release new value into the hands of creators and consumers. That belief is what inspired us to create Eno.
Eno Protocol is envisioned as a public good that creates the NFT 2.0 standard on Solana with a simple goal of providing a provably neutral platform for world’s content.
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