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Eno Protocol

Əno is currently Live on Devnet. Mainnet version release TBD
Eno is a content publishing protocol that enables creators to monetize each consumption or any interaction with the content. Eno turns digital content into a traceable bearer asset existing in a decentralized environment* akin to digital currencies. Besides solving ownership, this approach eliminates censorship and dependence on a centralized authority that holds power over the owner of the digital content. ‌
Eno is built on four pillars that serve as its primary value propositions. ‌

Creators Own What they Create

Content published on Eno becomes a digital bearer asset that belongs to the author. An SPL token with a supply of 1 represents the ownership of the content. The token lives on Solana’s blockchain and appears in the author’s wallet as a non-fungible token. The ownership and monetization rights of the content can be transferred once the token is sold.

Creator-to-Consumer Monetization

The platform enables content creators/owners to monetize their content without any third-party involvement since every transaction is P2P - meaning the consumer is directly paying the content owner (holder of the NFT). Eno eliminates all middlemen and fees (Besides Solana transaction fees). ‌

Full Provenance

Since every interaction with content happens on Solana’s blockchain, the full provenance of the content and the consumption history is publicly available on-chain. ‌

Censorship Resistance and Pseudonymity

The platform collects no data from users besides their public key. All that’s required to use Eno is the Phantom Wallet. Users may stay pseudonymous by only revealing their public key. The protocol itself resides on the Solana blockchain (and potentially other blockchains in the future), with its core elements being free of any admin control or single-party dependencies.
*The current system in the pre-Alpha phase uses a centralized carrier server, which is an emulation of the decentralized smart contract written in Rust.
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